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Mrs. Mighetto

Paper friends My Tiny Theatre - Mrs. Mighetto

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Paper Friends er fire ark med Mrs Mighettos håndtegnede dobbeltsidede figurer – klip figurerne ud og brug dem kreativt.

Hæng dem op på væggen på børneværelset eller lav en smuk guirlande. Brug dem som pynt på en smuk gave eller lav din egen mobile. Kun fantasien sætter grænser.....

... The old, forgotten house had been empty for a hundred years when the theatre family first found it. It was their last hope. Rotten and utterly dilapidated, some nonetheless saw its potential. The theatre group had no doubts at all – this was their new home, their stage and their venue to perform scripts based on their own unique gifts. The house was large enough and, most crucially of all, far away from their most dreaded enemy. It was the place they’d been waiting for. Finally, they could resume these vital roles they play. Nature, wildlife, water and flowers. Sleep, light, heat and an uncanny knack of making the right decision. Their magical talents had long been missed by the world, but now the only question was whether they could pick up where they’d left off.

Raise the curtain. Let the performance begin.....

Disse fine pap figurer fra Mrs Mighettos er fra serien My Tiny Theater SS19

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